Molecular recognition study on supramolecular system (Ⅲ)——Chiral recognition of aromatic amino acids by binuclear Cu(Ⅱ)complexes with cyclodextrins

<正> The study of supramolecular species formed by the selective binding of substrate(guest) with a molecular receptor (host) is currently a signficant topic in chemistry,biochemistry, and so on. Natural and chemically modified cyclodextrins (CDs) having fairlyrigid and well-defined hydrophobic cavities can be taken as a molecular receptor to recog-nize a wide variety of organic, inorganic, and biological guest molecules, forming host-guestcomplexes or supramolecutar species, which have been applied to several areas of scienceand technology as an excellent model system mimicking the substrate-specific interaction of

Project supported by the Natural Science Foundation and Transcentury Qualified Personal Foundation (Sun-light Plan) of Tianjin Municiplity,; Transcentury Qualified Personal Foundation and Qualified Young Teacher Foundation of the State Education Commis;


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