Performance Analysis and Power Allocation for Cooperative SSK System with Receive Correlation in Rayleigh Fading Channel

In this paper,the performance analysis of cooperative space shift keying(SSK)system with dual-hop amplify and forward(AF)in receive-correlated Rayleigh channel is presented. By means of the performance analysis,a closed-form approximate expression of the average bit error rate(BER)is derived for the performance evaluation.With this expression,in a high signal-to-noise-ratio(SNR)region,a tight closed-form asymptotic BER of the system is also derived. It can simplify the calculation of average BER and provide effective evaluation for asymptotic performance. By minimizing this asymptotic BER expression,a suboptimum power allocation(PA) scheme is developed,and the closed-form PA coefficients are obtained. Simulation indicates that the suboptimal PA scheme outperforms the conventional equal PA scheme,and its performance is very close to that of the exhaustive search based optimal PA scheme but with low complexity. Moreover,the system performance under the spatially correlated channel is worse than that in spatially independent channel due to the effect of spatial correlation.

supported in part by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of NUAA (No.kfjj20180405); the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu in China (No. BK20181289); the Six Talent Peaks Project in Jiangsu (No.2015-DZXX-007);



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