Retro-reflective beamforming technique has the potential of enabling efficient wireless power transmission over long distance(on the order of meters and even kilometers). In retro-reflective beamforming,wireless power transmission is guided by pilot signal:Based upon pilot signal broadcasted by a wireless power receiver,a wireless power transmitter delivers focused microwave power beam(s)onto the location of wireless power receiver. When the wireless power receiver’s location is not fixed or when the wireless power receiver’s location is unknown to the wireless power transmitter,the microwave power beam would follow the wireless power receiver’s location dynamically as long as the wireless power receiver broadcasts pilot signal periodically. This paper reviews our research endeavors in recent years on retro-reflective beamforming technique targeting three applications:(1) wireless charging for low-power mobile/portable electronic devices,(2)space solar power satellites(SSPS)application,and(3)wireless charging in fully-enclosed space. The feasibility and potential of retro-reflective beamforming technique with applications in wireless power transmission are demonstrated by some preliminary experimental results.

supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundations of China (Nos. 61871220, 61471195, 61628106); the United States National Science Foundation (Nos. ECCS 1303142, ECCS 1503600);



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