The main purpose of the paper is to obtain the experimental yield loci of TRIP590 advanced high strength steel,and to compare it with the theoretical loci in order to obtain the best yield criterion for this material. First,the biaxial loading tests under different loading paths in the method of load control are carried out. Then,the experimental yield loci of different deformation stages are obtained. Finally,the experimental yield loci are compared with the theoretical loci of Mises criterion and Hill48 criterion,the parameters of which are calculated based on the r-value and the yield stress method,respectively. The results show that the accuracy of the theoretical yield loci of Hill48 based on the yield stress is higher than that of Mises criterion and Hill 48 criterion based on r-value method.

supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos.51775004, 51475003); the Beijing Natural Science Foundation (Nos. 3164041, 3152010); the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Science and Technology Foundation (No. KM201710009005);



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