Design method of split planar resonant inductor in 1 kV SiC logical link control(LLC) converter is proposed,which ensures the converter power density of 93.59 W/in~3 and peak efficiency of 95.73%. Split resonant inductor helps to provide symmetrical resonant current by symmetrical impedance,and improves the distortion of resonant current,which ensures the efficiency of the whole converter. An interleaved winding connecting scheme improves the power density of the planar magnets,which contributes to power density improvement. Design method and calculation process of such split planar resonant inductor are provided. To verify the feasibility of the proposed design method,a 1 kV/48 V 6.6 kW,210 k Hz SiC LLC prototype was built,and the experimental results are given.

supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFB0904101); Science and Technology Project of State Grid (SG SGHB0000KXJS1800685);



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