For the enhancement of heat transfer efficiency,a novel turbulator inspired by the morphology of barchan dunes,called the mimetic barchan dune(MBD)turbulator,is designed and evaluated in the simplified gas turbine transition section. By using computational fluid dynamics(CFD),the numerical simulations for comparison have been carried out,concluding the smooth thermal surface,a thermal surface with riblet-shaped turbulator and a thermal surface with MBD turbulator. Then,two indicators are investigated for evaluating the coolant performance which are the heat transfer efficiency(η)on the outlet and the pressure loss(ΔP)in the coolant chamber. The numerical results show that the coolant has the best heat transfer efficiency with less pressure loss in the coolant chamber with the MBD turbulator. Then,the effect of the MBD turbulator sizes on heat transfer efficiency is investigated. When the height of the MBD turbulator(h)is set at 8 mm,the maximum amount of heat that could be transfered by the coolant is up to566.2 K and the corresponding heat transfer efficiency is 26.62%. The detail flows have been shown to elucidate the function of the MBD surface which may greatly arouse more design for solving harsh circumstance.

supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (No.2018YFB1105100); the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51975246); the Advanced Manufacturing Project of Provincial School Construction of Jilin Province (No. SXGJSF2017-2); the Program for JLU Science and Technology Innovative Research Team (2019TD-34); the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Funded Project (No. 2016M590256);



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