Effect of Swirl Preset Vorticity on Combustion Performance of Lobe Nozzle Combustor Chamber

To improve the combustor performance of multi-point injection combustion,lobe nozzle design was applied to the aero-engine model combustor,by presetting the swirl through a certain twisted angle of the edge of the lobe outlet. Numerical simulation in combination with modelling test is used in this paper. The effects of swirl vorticity presetting onto the vortex structure, the characteristics of combustion temperature field, the combustor exit temperature field quality,the combustion efficiency,and the NOx emissions of multi-point injection combustion chamber are investigated. Compared with the conventional vortex flow at the lobe outlet edge,the results of numerical simulation and water modelling test of the swirl vorticity presetting show that the swirl presetting can efficiently enhance the range and intensity of the lobe-induced vorticities. Besides,it can improve the uniformity of the combustion temperature in the combustor chamber,together with the reduced emissions of the pollutant NOx.Moreover,compared with the conventional lobe nozzle chamber,the swirl vortex presetting can effectively improve its combustion performance. The flow simulation test results demonstrate the fluid vortex structure in the combustion chamber and validate the simulation results.

supported by the Natural Science Fund of Liaoning Province Project (No. 201602566);



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