It is important to improve the development efficiency of decoupling a coupling task package according to the information relevancy relation between development tasks in the collaborative development process of complicated electronic products. In order to define the task coupling model in the development process,the weighted directed graph based on the information relevancy is established,and the correspondence between weighted directed graph model and numerical design structure matrix model of coupling tasks is introduced. The task coupling model is quantized,thereby the interactivity matrix of task package is built. A multi-goal task decoupling method based on improved genetic algorithm is proposed to decouple the task coupling model,which transforms the decoupling of task package into a multi-goal optimization issue. Then the improved genetic algorithm is used to solve the interactivity matrix of coupling tasks. Finally,the effectiveness of this decomposition method is proved by using the example of task package decoupling of collaborative development of a radar’s phased array antenna.

supported by the National Defense Basic Research Program of China (No. A1120131044);



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