This study investigated the systematics of the megophryid genus Scutiger from eastern and western Nepal using molecular and morphological data. Our results support two divergent lineages, one of which has nuptial spines on the dorsal surface of the first three fingers while the other has spines only on the dorsal surface of the first two fingers. The Ghunsa lineage from eastern Nepal shows significant morphological and molecular differences to other species of genus Scutiger and is here described as a new species. Based on the molecular analysis, the Muktinath lineage from western Nepal is confirmed to be Scutiger boulengeri and represents a species complex widespread throughout the Himalayan region. The newly described taxon is endemic to the eastern Himalayas and currently known only from the Ghunsa valley, Taplejung district, Nepal.

supported by the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA23080101); National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (NSFC-31471964); grants to Jianping Jiang and the second comprehensive science investigation of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP) (II08-T05-2017-04/06); supported by the CAS-TWAS President Fellowship and Chinese Academy of Sciences President’s International Fellowship Initiative (2018PB0016);



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