A new species,Amolops pallasitatus sp.nov.is described based on specimens collected from Chentang Town,Dinggyê County,southern Tibet,China.The new species can be distinguished from other known congeners by mitochondrial divergence and morphological characteristics including:(1)medium body size,SVL 70.6–72.3 mm in adult females;(2)skin smooth over the entire body;(3)absence of dorsolateral fold;(4)tympanum small,edge indistinct,less than half of eye diameter;(5)vomerine teeth in two short oblique;(6)circummarginal and transverse grooves absent on disk of the first finger;(7)presence of inner metacarpal tubercle;(8)toes fully webbed,webbing formula Ⅰ0-0~-Ⅱ0-1/2Ⅲ0-1~+Ⅳ1~+-0Ⅴ;(9)absence of outer metatarsal tubercle and tarsal glands;(10)tibiotarsal articulation of the hind limb reaches posterior corners of the eye;(11)dorsum yellow-green,with irregular dark brown blotches without margins;(12)blotches concentrated on the dorsum,less on the flanks.In morphology,Amolops pallasitatus sp.nov.is similar to A.himalayanus and A.formosus,the difference between them is length of hind limbs,web of toe and dorsal colour pattern.The systematic placement of the new species within the genus is unresolved and it is not assigned to any recognized species group,for the lack of convictive evidences.

supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2014FY210200); The Second National Survey of Terrestrial Wildlife Resources in China; The Second National Survey of Terrestrial Wildlife Resources in Tibet of China;



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