Intensity Distribution of the Mojiang M_S5.9 Earthquake in Yunnan in 2018

The distribution of the intensity of the Mojiang M_S5.9 earthquake in Yunnan Province is expounded, and the damage characteristics of buildings and the damage ratio and seismic damage index of various building structures in each intensity area are compared with those of The Chinese Seismic Intensity Scale. The main basis and method of seismic intensity assessment are discussed in this paper. It is concluded that: ① The seismic intensity should be based on the earthquake damage of the housing structure, which takes up a high ratio in the seismic intensity assessment. It is recommended that seismic intensity is estimated by calculating the average seismic damage index. ② The highest intensity of the Mojiang M_S5.9 earthquake is Ⅷ degrees, with the long axis trending in the north-west direction. The area above Ⅶ degrees is 5,180 km~2. ③ The intensity distribution of the Mojiang M_S5.9 earthquake meets the national standard and the distribution law of seismic intensity in Yunnan.

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